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One of the nice things about having a blog is that, like a diary, you can have a good moan now and again. It really does anger me when people you are supposed to trust and believe in, lie to your face, lie by omission and lie to hide deceit. I have been lied to a lot recently and it has to stop. I find it worse when the lies are told with such conviction that the liars actually believe what they are saying. As a writer I have been observing people closely for a long time now for character studies and nearly everyone has a tell, something their body does unconsciously that gives the game away when they are not being honest. And yet despite this they carry on lying with the complete arrogance and belief that they are safe in their lies and nobody can see through them.

Everybody has a truth, their own truth. Many hide this with lies, pretending to be something they are not, covering their inadequacies or hiding their imperfections. very few celebrate what and who they really are, full of human frailties a combination of good and bad. There is nothing wrong with hiding what you are ashamed of but why lie about it. It's up to you if you choose to acknowledge weaknesses but don't hide them with a lie. Just don't talk about it. 

It's interesting that when you compare the amount of lies with stories and novels, it's surprising how much we embrace the use of them. The plots of most novels depend on having a character that is hiding behind a bed of lies only to be caught out at the end of the story. We make this character seemingly innocent, devoid of fault and above suspicion in order to fool the readers before we drop the bombshell in the climax of the story. 

Similarities between real people and novel characters are not surprising, since this is all we have to model them on. But in real life lies hurt and destroy trust that might have taken years to grow and develop. 

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C.S. Clifford

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