3 Days to go

I guess the last few day has been all about starting the new book. It's a good time for me because the start of them is my favourite part, the building of a character, the setting of a scene. I've started this one a little differently though. A sports commentary, a challenge of a different sort to say the least. I think it works and I quite like the fact that it's different. So this book is going to be very different to what I normally write. A survival story with one of my characters searching to become self aware after a life-changing injury. His struggle to come to terms with moving forward and the extreme action he takes to sort it out, leads him on an adventure that is far more than he ever expects it to be.

A second character, there in his new place and not from choice either is as awkward as anybody could possibly be. Impetuous, feisty, strong-willed and as stubborn as hell this person gives my hero a very rough time from the offset and when he tries to get her back to civilisation so that he can move on with what he needs to do nature intervenes and makes that impossible. Two unlikely characters are forced to winter in the middle of nowhere, hounded by wolves and bears that should have hibernated but haven't. Emotions run high as the characters continually clash, fight and despair of each other.

Why am I writing a book like this? Well it's simple, I was dared and I like to try what I have been dared to do. It is a challenge, and I will be seeking advice from the people in my writing circle who have been with me for the past two years or so. I trust their views, comments and advice. I'm not joking when I say that I have the best support team in my camp that I could possibly have and I don't take what they do for me lightly.

Writing might be a mainly solitary pursuit but in the production of a book you need a team and a good one. I'm blessed

Happy reading


C.S. Clifford

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