4 Days to go

Apart from writing there's little I enjoy in my working life more than going into schools and conducting workshops. The ability to tell stories has always been a skill of mine and I really enjoy having a captive audience of children. They are with out doubt the most appreciative audience to have and my harshest critics. Today I was at Lunsford school in Maidstone and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Working with KS2 i have a variety of topics to teach them and always give a writing challenge that hopefully inspire some excellent writing. I have to say that today was special with a number of boys taking up the challenge of writing a rap and one individual a song. I get them occasionally but four in one day is exceptional. Not only did they write them, they performed them too. Well done guys, super effort and completely inline with the brief I set them.

I like to conduct workshops with an editing focus too but never tell the children this until they have had a good time doing the tasks I set. They are always amazed when I explain that they have been editing without realising it. I quite often refer to editing as sentence manipulation and they seem to like this alternative title. It's good to know that editing can be fun and that the technical side of writing doesn't have to bore the children to death.

I'm now looking for a couple of schools to help me launch Walking with the Smuggler which is set in Kent and Sussex. perhaps an opportunity to promote your school as a leader in the promotion of good literature and get yourselves in the press. If any school out there is interested in this let me know by dropping me a line through my website.

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