5 days to go

It’s been a mixed day today, some work some pleasure and more ammunition of life to be stored away to be used in some later piece of writing. I had my normal start to the day with a good swim, it’s taken a while but I’m up to swimming a mile each time I go now and it seems to balance the right amount of time I can spare for it with the right amount of exercise. My stamina has increased dramatically since I started this and it’s not as brutal on the body as the gym can be.

Then it’s straight into the writing, or something writing related, while I’m still buzzing from the exercise for a couple of hours. Writing several books at a time is a real help to keep the productivity going and vary what I’m writing about. I’ve never experienced writer’s block because if I’m not in the mood to write I don’t. There’s always editing, or sentence manipulation as I prefer to think of it, which can be done as an alternative.

After that I visited a TA I used to work with at Brenzett Primary. It was lovely to catch up and share a few of the many memories I have from my time there. Such a visit is also good for news of others I have worked with too and I was pleased to hear that they are all doing well.

A few hours off to spend some quality time walking, with the proverbial tea and cake following, and then it’s back to work again. But the afternoon off was refreshing enough to give another boost to the power of creativity. It’s become the norm for me, when I’m not in schools, to seek a good break in the afternoons and it works to help inspire me for the evening session.

Now as I come to the end of another long day, it’s just a matter of sorting out the blog and the social media before calling it a night. A typical non touring day, perhaps not too interesting to many, but everything I do, see and experience is usable in my world of creativity and therefore relevant to it. For now my life is what it needs to be.

Happy reading


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