Launch Day

To day is the day that sees the release of the new Walking with Book, 'Walking with the Smugglers'. My characters go through the waterfall for the sixth time and are transported back to the eighteenth century. Smuggling is at its all time heights and the most notorious of them belong to the Hawkhurst Gang, led by the infamous Thomas Kingsmill. It is not a time when it pays not to be a smuggler but the penalties for being caught as one was to hang from the neck. The rewards are high though and that entices most to engage in it. The story is set along the Kent coastline and into Sussex, from Warren Bay Folkestone to Rye. No smuggling story would be complete without  featuring the Mermaid Inn at Rye and this story is no exception with several scenes taking part there. For the first time ever Matt and James are in uniform, not the uniform of the navy or army but they are serving the King. As Riding Officers (early custom officers) they operate under the Kin'g protection and are not popular with the locals caught up in smuggling.

This is a stunning adventure that races up and down the coastline and across the Romney Marsh. By peculiar twist Matt and James are forced to work with someone they would rather not in an effort to prevent something terrible happening  that could split the smuggling industry apart, cause mayhem and almost civil war amongst different groups. Their physical and mental skills are tested to the extreme while their ethical sense of what is right and what is wrong is put to the test as they battle to prevent all this from happening. Fast pace action, treachery, a lack of respect for life and an impossible mission make this book more explosive than its five predecessors. It's a must read book

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