Old Friends

It's been a little while since I blogged but I was encouraged to by the reemergence of some old friends and former pupils. Time changes everything including people, some more than others. The first to surface was the mother of a former pupil who happily stopped and chatted about how successful her children were becoming, and rightly so too. later that evening her daughter face timed me and told me about her dreams to become a writer and how well she has done at college with her creative writing course. Ellie is an immortal child, or adult as she now is. By that I mean she has the same happy disposition that she always displayed when I taught her and although grown up had still retained the appearence I remembered. The fun and humour and the work ethic is all there just as it was and  talking to her took me back a decade to a very happy time.

Later the following day I was sipping a McDonalds latte when a lovely young girl approached me and asked me if I was Mr Clifford. I owned up and she introduced herself as Georgia. She was in the same year as Ellie and I remembered her well. Unlike Ellie, her face had changed with the passing of time and I wouldn't have recognised her but for her confident nature in approaching me. We passed a few minutes catching up and again I was reminded of happier times. I always enjoy catching up with my old pupils and in schools like the one we all attended the sense of family still holds true. 

It's been a few days of reflection as I wind down for a week off and a much earned rest. The art work for my two new series of KS1 books is coming along very well and Laura my artist has produced some stunning work for me. I took her to see the features that pervade through the series of story books and as it turned out the real person who stars in and inspired the idea for the books. Can't say too much more about that at the moment. We'll be starting another count down soon for the new Navajo Spirit Book which is now published but not available in print yet. Walking with the Smuggler should be going on Kindle this coming week too. A few things to sort out and off we go again on the editing drive that consumes much of my time. A very special book that I'm working on for the young adult market that should be published by Christmas. The work never ends and I'm glad of that.

Happy reading 


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