12 Days to go

A beautiful day today and perfect for exploring the Marsh again. This time to the hills that border it. It was an energetic climb to get to a ruined chapel and it was necessary to take care and show a little respect to the new born lambs and their mothers when walking across the fields. A picnic at the top as a reward with the added bonus of a few minutes of watching a couple of buzzards circling ominously over the fields. Lovely to see such beautiful birds, once rare, but becoming more commonplace in the area.

The evening brought something new, a first for me and as it turns out not something I have natural ability for. At Newchurch on the Marsh I had a ticket to the Romney Marsh Morris Dancers first ever barn dance. There were local celebrities present, Newchurch residents and of course the Morris Dancers.

A band of up to a dozen strong belted out folk music while a caller did her best to organise those present into some sort of order and get them to dance. I tried it several times making a complete fool of myself but nevertheless enjoying the experience. I wasn’t the only one though as very few individuals had natural skills at the disciplines. Probably the most frustrating thing about doing something like this was that just as you start to get it together the music ends and another routine has to be learned.

Still, a great day on the Marsh though and with good weather for a change.

If you’ve tried something new recently why not drop me a line on the contact page of my website and share. www.csclifford.co.uk.

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13 days to go

I enjoy looking at the wildlife in and around our countryside. It’s diverse and there are always surprises to behold when I’m out exploring. My granddaughter also has a love for it to and we have shared happy times together following mysterious paths that wind their way across the countryside.

This week I walked in West Hythe, a path that runs along the back of Port Lympne Zoo and Lympne Castle. It’s always a good place to see Robins and various members of the Crow family and indeed squirrels who seem to be very adept at avoiding the lens of my camera, scampering around the trees whenever I get close. But this year it’s woodpeckers that have taken a significant jump in my tally of different wildlife. I rarely see them, can often hear them, but they are hidden away behind a branch or up in the canopy. I’ve counted a dozen sightings so far, but on this one path I spotted five.

Opposite the zoo you can always expect to see something close enough to admire and this time it was the deer. I can recognise one or two species but not all but there many to see, beautiful, elegant, graceful and all with an air of total peace. Some looked at me as I passed, interested, perhaps, but not scared.

It’s a great time of year to walk so get out there and see what you can find and drop me a line on the contact page of my website to share.


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14 Days to go

I guess it's fair to say that most people of my generation struggle with ICT in general. I'm pretty good at navigating a word document  but sadly not very good at anything else. I seem to spend many hours swearing profusely at my trusty laptop for not doing what I want it to do. It's a good job it doesn't have feelings because it would have sacked as it's operator. The Internet, well, let's just say that I am getting better all the time at surfing (Note use of term) but when it comes to the social media, well unfortunately I suffer the ridicule of all my so called friends and indeed my own flesh and blood son for my lack of competence. I am at the moment embracing social media with new vigor and energy despite the reservations I have about it. I mean lets be serious here, why, why, why would somebody write 'I had fish and chips for dinner, perfect start to the weekend.' Who cares? I need to know this WHY? But hey ho, here I am doing my bit and making sure that the data collectors out there know every minor detail about me, poor saps!

I'm pleased to say that on all my sites I have increased my followers or friends. Amazing since I've never met most of them. The wonders of technology. So to all my new friends and followers HI and thanks for connecting with me in cyber space.

If you've experienced difficulties with ICT why not go to my website and share, go on unburden yourself 

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15 Days to go

I attended a meeting for a group of writers tonight. They are an eclectic group of individuals who specialise in a range of different genres and have styles of writing as unique as any of the top writers you’d buy from Waterstones. I’m particularly fond of this group who, every time we meet, take me on a journey of discovery into worlds I haven’t created for myself.

The focus this time was story openers – the first sentence in a book. The importance of it and what the experts think it should consist of. The discussion was good and the sentences we came up with, in the limited time we had were, interesting and diverse.

The group offer a range of services to each other like proof reading and editing and, more importantly, their ears to listen to extracts of our work. In my opinion, there is nothing more relevant in a creative environment than to have other like-minded people to share with, and get feedback on, the work we produce.

The thoughts I come home with, every time I attend, often stimulate ideas to incorporate something in my writing I might not have considered, or even thought of myself. The collaborative setting, although brief is a must for me and the comradery of a group of fellow writers is a pleasure to be part of.

Do you belong to a special group of people? Why not drop me a line on the contact page of my website and share?


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16 Days to go

Sometimes life takes you on unexpected trips to parts of the country you've not been to before. Yesterday I went to Shropshire and in particular Shrewsbury. Coming from East Sussex, and living in Kent for most of my life, I am biased enough to say that I've lived in the most beautiful counties in England, and indeed nobody could really dispute their beauty in the rural areas of the North and South Downs.

Imagine my surprise, after a four hour drive, to see some of the most breathtaking country I have ever seen. The sheer enormity of it was amazing enough, but the fact that so much of it was totally unspoilt was incredible. There were, of course hamlets dotted around here and there, but instead of blotting the landscape they enhanced it, along with the myriad range of vibrant greens. From the outskirts of Shrewsbury, the town looked much like any other on approach but, after parking and stopping for a cup of tea,

I was delighted to explore the amazing architecture that stands proudly next to more modern buildings. instead of dwarfing and obscuring the beauty of the older buildings they positively enhance them through their own modest appearance. Talking to the locals, the pride they have in their town and county is very evident and the slower pace of life there is reflected in the calm, relaxed and friendly nature of them. It's no wonder that my favourite children's author Malcolm Saville set most of his Lone Pine Series of books in the county.

Further brief stops in Ironbridge and Ludlow provided more glimpses of amazing history and architecture in this truly beautiful county, a county that rivals the beauty of my own but in a very different way. have you ever visited a place that was so beautiful that it took your breath away? If so why not drop me a line through the contact page of my website and tell me about it.

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